Moroccan Festival

Moroccan Festival
October 13th to October 20th 

Traditional Moroccan Petit “Salads” $21
Marinated olives, beets, chickpeas, carrots, matbucha and pickles

Harissa-Stuffed Sardines $17
Fire-roasted mashwiya, shaved fennel, preserved lemon and chilies

Moroccan Cigars $17
Water cress, shaved red onion, pine nuts and Moroccan olives coulis

Harira Soup $12
Braised beef, lentils, cilantro and preserved lemon
Braised Lamb Shank Tagine $36
Baby root vegetables, cilantro, almonds, green olives, preserved lemon and homemade couscous

Fish Market Tagine $36
Mussels, manila clams, shrimp, sea bass, chickpeas, saffron, tomatoes and homemade couscous

Short Rib Tagine $36
Braised Swiss chard, chickpeas, roasted pumpkin,
Ras El Hanout & homemade couscous
Warm Semolina and Almonds Cake $12
Citrus, cinnamon, dry fruits and orange blossom ice-cream

Black Mission Figs Bastilla $12
Figs salad, mint, pistachios and ginger-cardamom ice-cream

Traditional Moroccan Mint Tea & Cookies $6pp