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Barbounia is an oasis of modern Mediterranean cuisine, influenced by the food and cultures of Greece, Southern France, Morocco and Southern Italy combined with a beautiful chic ambiance and a welcoming staff. Under the direction of Partners Alon Jibli and David Sasson, the restaurant is said to “move into Manhattan’s top tier of Mediterranean’s” as stated eloquently by Bob Lape of Crain’s. Barbounia is open daily for lunch, dinner and a weekend brunch.


The Team

Amitzur Mor, Executive Chef

Chef Amitzur Mor excels at creating innovative technique driven food. He is scrupulous about the cooking process and always strives to awaken your taste buds with every single bite. As the Executive Chef of Barbounia, Chef Mor brings a new and fresh approach to the classic Mediterranean cuisines. He takes full advantage of the freshest and most exquisite local meats, fish, and produce while incorporating the best imported Mediterranean ingredients.

Chef Mor grew up in Israel, and has been working in kitchens since he was 13 years old. He pursued his dream of cooking professionally when he attended Tadmor Culinary School in Israel. Prior to Barbonia, Chef Mor refined his skills under some of the most esteemed chefs in the world, including David Bouley, Francois Payard, Elizabeth Falkner and Tom Colicchio. Over the course of 14 years, Chef Mor worked in many 3 and 4-star restaurants. His background in­cludes the well respected establishments of Bouley, Gramercy Tavern, Payard, as well as high-profile hotels, such as the W Hotel in Hoboken and Country.

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Vladimir Kolotyan, General Manager / Beverage Director 

Vladimir Kolotyan’s love for restaurants was born when he moved to New York 14 years ago. The vast diversity of New York restaurant scene created in Vladimir an unstoppable passion to learn and absorb every single detail and angle in hospitality business. From food to beverages, from back of the house operations to handling the door and relationships with the guests.

His forte later on became wine and liquor, and that was the department which he became in charge of when he started in Barbounia. He was able to achieve multiple publications and awards for the beverage program of the restaurant, most notably Best of Award Excellence from Wine Spectator magazine.  Later on when he became General Manager of Barbounia, he also took charge and helped to open the sister restaurant, The Pavilion. As General Manager of Barbounia Vladimir brings cohesion between the different departments of the restaurant, to insure pleasant experience and environment for the community of the guests and employees.

Brian Bledar  Balaj
Assistant General Manager  | Human Resources

Assistant General Manager and Human Resources liaison Bledar Brian Balaj’s reliable and efficient management style have cemented his foothold in the restaurant industry by leading by example in multiple aspects of Barbounia successes; both private and public. Brian’s ability to communicate in multiple languages is rivaled only by his ability to anticipate and eliminate issues while creating detailed style and prioritizing tasks based on importance and functionality. For the past 14 years, Brian’s self-drive and determination have proven invaluable and indispensable; his dedication to customer service and to his staff are only a fraction of the skills that he uses to blend the required colors needed to paint a complex, passionate portrait of one of New York City’s top restaurants.


Alon Jibli

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